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Who stands against the political solution in Yemen?

YemenExtra Y.A The international envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, during his briefing to the Security Council, said that he had touched the desire of the political parties to reach a settlement to end the war. On the ground, the Saudi-led…

UAE keeps arresting political activist in southern Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The UAE-backed paid fighters arrested on Tuesday a political activist loyal to the southern movements in Hadramout province, according to a military official. The Hadrami elite paid fighters arrested Nasser Bamithqal and…

Report warns Yemeni political forces of the new envoy

YemenExtra Y.A The last three years have seen a military activity by the Saudi-led military alliance against the Yemeni people. Saudi forces have launched a campaign of airstrikes in an attempt to subdue the Yemeni Army and the…