President of the Supreme Political Council announces the fall of Saleh’s forces in Sana’a




Sanaa President Saleh al-Sammad said on Saturday evening that the roots of sedition had been destroyed, in a clear reference to the forces of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which retreated significantly and handed over hundreds of its members themselves to the government forces.

“I tell you the news of the roots of this sedition and we reassure the people of Yemen and all foreign bodies and organizations operating in our country,” said the president of the Supreme Political Council.

He also announced a final opportunity for those who described them as the misguided who attacked the institutions and cut the roads to leave the weapons threatened by absolute force if they did not seize the opportunity.

The statement of faith on several points:
– Thanks and appreciation to the security services and the army and the popular committees for their heroic positions in the stabilization of security and stability and the escalation of this strife.

– Thanks to the mediation committees and their outstanding national efforts, and they played a prominent role in easing the tension.

– Thanks to all the free tribesmen who have stood a historic stand with the security services and the army and strengthen the position of the state and law and order.

– Thanking the honorable leaders of the General People’s Congress and its broad popular bases who have decided not to engage in this criminal scheme and stand in the ranks of the state and its institutions, which indicates their high national sense.

– Thank all officials in the leadership of the state, local authorities and all the state’s professional staff for their leading role in stabilizing the situation and preserving the institutions.

– Inviting those who were involved in cutting roads, storming institutions and assaulting citizens, military men and security in all areas to speed up the abandonment of weapons and not fueling strife. He also urged social figures to coordinate with the security services to facilitate their return to their villages.

In case they did not respond to the opportunity to return to their villages, the concerned bodies must take the necessary action against anyone who colluded, encouraged or participated in subversive acts, because they committed a major crime against the homeland under these exceptional circumstances.

– Provide a final opportunity for social figures and mediation committees to convince the brothers to lead the conference and to stop in their ranks the need to stop their attacks and to hand over the perpetrators and aggressors to the citizens and security and institutions of the security and judicial services and to lift all the developments they used and give them all guarantees knowing that the state will protect everyone without discrimination and end all manifestations of tension And investigate the causes of tension from the beginning and hold the perpetrators of any party.

Yemen lived a freely and independently
Glory and immortality of the martyrs, the speedy recovery of the wounded.
Saleh Ali Al-Sammad
President of the Supreme Political Council

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