President Al-Mashat Affirms That a Political Solution Represents a Way Out for All Parties



His excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al Mashat, head of the Supreme Political Council, affirmed that the political solution presented by the Republic of Yemen represents a possible and fair way out for all parties.

He explained that it will also mean reaching a comprehensive settlement of all files of war. This came in a press interview conducted by Al-Thawra newspaper with President Al-Mashat, to be published tomorrow, Saturday, two years after the death of President Saleh Al-Samad and Mashat taking charge instead.

In the interview, he pointed out that Yemen lost after the martyrdom of President Al-Samad, who was a great leader that had characteristics embodying the Qur’anic model.

The dialogue included details and information on many topics and files related to war and confrontation, its fate, as well as contacts and negotiations with the Saudis and its latest developments.

Al-Mashat also mentioned the events that Yemen witnessed after President Al-Samad’s martyrdom, and how the country overcame a very dangerous challenge.

He emphasized the continuation of the state-building project and facing the brutal aggression, promising certain victory.

In addition, Al-Mashat praised what was achieved at the military and political levels, what the reconciliation committees and the general amnesty achieved, and what the competent authorities accomplished in the political and administrative reform process as well as the construction process.

Regarding the comprehensive dialogue, Al-Mashat stressed that the Republic of Yemen is open to friendly relations with all countries and governments and that it wants a lasting and comprehensive peace. He also mentioned that he had sent a message to the Russian President in this regard.