Yemen Destroys Coalition’s PAC 3 Defensive System in Marib





The Yemeni Air and Missile Force ,on Friday, announced the implementation of a joint offensive against the headquarters of the UAE invading forces in the Yemeni northern governorate of Marib.

According to a military source told YemenExtra that the Yemeni Air and Missile force carried out a joint offensive operation targeting the building of the invading UAE forces and the PAC 3 defensive system of the Saudi-led Coalition

The source confirmed that the offensive operation that targeted the UAE invading forces included dozens fighter jets and a parallel of ballistic missiles.

The joint operation achieved its goal successfully in targeting the defense system of the forces of coalition, the official added.

Yemen’s Air and Missile Force force was carried out a joint attack on February 10, in which they destroyed the PAC 3 defensive system of the invading UAE forces in the western coast city of Mukha.

PAC 3″ is the latest Patriot missiles with advanced capability, as this missile is an advanced leap of air defense systems have the ability to accurately hit the targets and the destructive ability of high ballistic missiles, and the head of the bombing is smaller than the head in the old Patriot The missile is part of a defensive system consisting of:

1- The missile: – Whether the PAC-2 or PAC-3.

2-Launch pad: The launcher carries launchers of 16 missiles connected to each launcher with a fiber-optic or wireless control system. The launcher carries a hydraulic arm that loads a new rocket immediately after each launch .

3 – Radar system: – Each platform contains a radar up to a range of 100 kilometers can detect missiles in this range and the speed and trajectory.

4 – Control system: – It is a computer connected to the radar of the launch platform, which is equipped with control systems and guidance and often put the system in the case of automatic control and the electronic system is the medium between the launch platform and radar