The UAE continues to bite the areas controlled by Hadi and the Reform Party




The southerners accuses Saudi Arabia and the UAE of backing southern separatist militias, who battled with Hadi government, in order to stoke chaos and keep their hold on key territory.

The assertion echoes concerns voiced by many Yemenis that the country’s is being taken over by more powerful foreign powers to advance their own economic and strategic interests, Such as the UAE Army during its troops like forces of the security belt in Aden and Taiz, the Hadramout elite in Hadramout Province and Shabwan and Marib troops. The UAE through these forces can control oil and gas areas and large parts of these provinces and have succeeded in this. Recently have begun to oversee the oil of Marib and gas fields in Shabwa.

The coalition says it is helping mediate the feud, while maintaining that its military bases on islands, ports and airports throughout the country aim to back the war effort and back US interests.

Perhaps paradoxically, however, Yemen’s Islamist Islah is the Saudi-led coalition’s main ally in the war against the Houthi movement, in a conflict which has laid bare some of the region’s most knotted struggles over ideas and geopolitics.

Saudi Arabia, which adopts the support of Hadi and its forces, has become neutral. Where the plan drawn up by the aggression forces is aimed at exchanging roles.

The forces of Hadi contain the reformist Brotherhood, which the UAE considers it an enemy can not be trusted, since the UAE and Saudi Arabia lead an aggressive campaign against Qatar, which made the option of close out this party by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi is on the table.

The Saudi-Emirati occupation … betrayed the Yemenis and sold them out, to exercise an ugly occupation and greater influence on southern Yemen.

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