In pictures .. the commander of the security belt in Abyan killed




A number of dead and wounded fell , including a senior military commander loyal to the United Arab Emirates on Friday ,in violent clashes between a rival of the paid fighters backed by the forces in the provinces of Abyan and Aden in the south of the country.

Local sources in Abyan said that confrontations broke out between groups affiliated with the so-called “security belt” and armed elements supported by Saudi Arabia in the Directorate of Al-Mahfad, where light and medium weapons were used.

According to sources, the clashes left dead and wounded from both sides, including the commander of the security belt, supported by the forces of the United States, called “Salem Kazmi.”

According to witnesses, the clashes lasted for several hours and spread to several neighborhoods adjacent to the tour of the ship and Cairo Street in the Directorate, and light and medium weapons were used , without mentioning the source information on the deaths and injuries on both sides.

The province of Aden and the southern provinces witnessed an unprecedented security breach, assassinations and criminal bombings under the control of the forces of the Saudi-led coalition , and the Takfiri groups of the so-called al-Qaeda and Daad, which is now controlling large areas in those provinces sread .



اعلان الزكاة