The paid fighters’ authorities in Aden release more than 800 African refugees, including people living with AIDS, some of them al-Qaeda’s elements




The Director of the Department of Refugee Affairs and Deportation in the city of Aden, Colonel Khalid al-Alwani ,said that he received a telephone call from Interior Minister, Ben Dagher Ahmed al-Misri, ordering him to release more than 800 African refugees from the deportation center in Brega.

Al-Alwani added that the refugees had been detained for years, including AIDS victims, some of belonge to al-Qaeda and Daesh and warned of dire consequences that could occur in the city if Al-Misri’s orders were carried out, blaming him for any future criminal events.
Al-Alwani stated that the Minister of the Interior ordered the cessation of the provision of nutrition for refugees, yesterday, as a means to pressure the Department to release them.

The directives of AL-Msiri came less than 24 hours after the announcement of his ministry and security services the state of emergency in the city of Aden and warning of terrorist attacks targeting government headquarters and foreign offices.

According to observers, al-Misri may have received high directives to carry out these steps, and they did not rule out that Saudi Arabia has commissioned him to oversee the implementation of some operations that would restore balances within the city of Aden.

Source: the Yemeni media agency

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