The worst day to Saudi-led coalition at the hands of Yemeni joint forces in AL-Jawf province




The Yemeni joint forces , Sunday, launched military attacks and operations , the most offensive ones since the begging of the war,leaving dozens as dead and wounded amid the paid fighters’ ranks ,in addition to big losses.

The Yemeni joint forces launched attacks on gatherings and sites of the paid fighters and silmilar ones on other fronts in the same province, according to military sources.

Dozens dead and wounded fell amid the paid fighters’ ranks , as well as a military mechanism was destroyed , the Yemeni war media camera reported a big number of the paid fighters, fleeing their sites , leaving dead bodies behind them.

The Yemeni joint forces foiled an attempt of advancing by the paid fighters , which lasted for hours under intensive aerial coverage of the Saudi led coalition.

According to field sources, the Yemeni joint forces were able to kill and wounded big umbers of paid fighters , destroyed three military mechanisms, loaded with elements ,and a gunmachine- 23-during facing the advance.