Fugitive president’s governments complain UAE to the Security Council




“The leaders of the Southern Transitional Council are accused of financial and administrative corruption and have formed or acceded to the Transitional Council in order to exploit the issue of the Transitional Council,” Hadi’s government said in a letter to the UN Security Council that included unprecedented criticism of Abu Dhabi’s southern allies. South towards separation and escape from trial. ”
“The security forces and the
Hadramiya and Shabania elite (formed by the UAE) do not follow the legitimacy and are cosidered as provincial regional forces and clan tribal , whereas its officials do not work under the leadership of the security and military establishment and , in addition to hinder the work of institutions and disrupt the community in Yemen.”
Hadi’s government told the Security Council that “what the Director of Security of Aden is doing is a rebellion against the directives of the Ministry of the Interior and confirms that the government is considering the appropriate options to investigate and punish Major General Chalal Ali Chaea and punish .”

Abduraboh Mansoor Hadi is the Yemeni fugitive president who is loyah to Saudi Arabia and under house arrest in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.