As obvious challange of the demands of the international community: Saudi Arabia continues to refuse to open Yemeni ports and airports !!




Saudi led coalition continued their attempts to evade and manipulate the demands of the United Nations which call for the opening of the port of Hodeidah and the Sana’a International Airport for commercial goods and relief shipments to stop the aggravation of the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the year.

Saudi led coalition asked for that putting the port of Hodeidah under international supervision,while spokesman of the coalition ,Turki ,on Wednesday accused “Ansarallah” of turnning  the port into a store of weapons , but many international reports confirmed that the port is civilian,and was exposed to be destroyed by the Saudi air force to deliberately and openly starve the people of Yemen, who , over 80%,depend on this port in importing food, medicine and oil derivatives.

Despite the assertion of the coalition , said by its official spokesmen ,that a Saudi tanker was attacked through the Al-Hodeidah port before, he described and reiterated that he was very simple and that the tanker suffered only  minor damage , Saudi Arabia filed a complaint to the UN Security Council in which it demanded to condemn what it described as an attack on an oil tanker ,west of the port of Hodeidah.

It also demanded in its complaint to the Security Council that “all possible measures should be taken to ensure the speedy and comprehensive implementation of Security Council resolutions 2216 and 2231 to prevent the escalation of attacks by Ansar Allah in Yemen, which it said that it had increased regional tensions and the risks of wider regional confrontation, which can be considered by many observers as an issue that proves that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia is rejecting the demands of the United Nations ,the Security Council and the international community as a whole for the idea of ​​opening the port of Hodeidah and Sanaa International Airport, which aims to avoid famine,which  international reports say it will be the most distarious one that will affect the Yemeni people If the coalition continues to close the port of Hodeidah and Sanaa airport ..

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, renewed demanding the of the Saudi-led coalition during the past two days at a conference to support the humanitarian relief efforts in Yemen, which was held in Geneva to open all ports and Yemeni airports for goods and relief shipments to address the humanitarian disaster,which the United Nations ,the international community and humanitarian reports confirmed that it is  the largest in the world.