Report: US intervention on # the West Coast Front expected.. A severe blow to the side of the coalition




A US escalation comes as Washington expands its mission in Yemen by sending new commando troops after Trump gave US commanders full authority to make a decision, the New York Times reported on its May editorial.

A Pentagon official revealed a few days ago to Al-Hurra television about the arrival of new batches of US troops with military equipment to Yemen in support of the coalition forces.

The Guardian newspaper said in a report yesterday that the US government is unwilling to go beyond destructive relations with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman about a very important issue for Riyadh, which indicates that Washington plans to expand its participation in the campaingn on Yemen through the provision of more military and logistical support in the battles of # the West Coast.

Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID) has told relief groups to set up contingency plans for an imminent attack on the strategic port of Hodeidah, a move that could jeopardize the humanitarian supplies of stricken country with the famine.

“We are doing our best through diplomatic ways to thwart the attack on Hodeidah .But despite these actions, the military offensive now seems imminent,” the ministry said in a note addressed to aid agencies.


“We are deeply concerned that life-saving organizations are not getting the guarantees they need to work safely in Yemen,” said British Minister of Middle East Affairs Alistair Bur, indicating that organizations may be vulnerable to be bombed by aircraft.


Sheikhs and  dignitaries of Yemen, in turn ,confirmed earlier that the tribesmen are always in the face of the American attack and continue to provide the fronts with money and men to confront the American forces that arrived, considering that a hostile action aiming at the occupation of Yemen and looting its wealth.


Observers pointed out that the recent US escalation in Yemen through the sending of new forces will not change anything in the balance of the Battle of the West Coast, whereas the United States has already been to send groups of Blackwater fighters , Dyn Krupp and other organizations, which serve all the allies of the United States, but they suffered big defeat during confrontations with Yemeni fighters in several areas.


Yemeni military experts believe that the new batches of US troops that have arrived in Yemen in support of the coalition forces will also be in the burning of Yemeni fighters like the previous American military technology that has been burned and destroyed on various fronts since the beginning of the campaingn against Yemen., and it might be the latest blow in the Washington’s waistline.