Saudi Assaults Injure a Yemeni Woman in Saada




A woman sustained injuries on Monday by Saudi rocketry and artillery bombardment on residential areas in the border districts of Saada.

Residential areas within the district of Razih were subjected to rocket and artillery attacks by the Saudi-led coalition, which led to the injury of a woman and the damaging of homes and property of citizens, a local source reported.

Just last Sunday, two men, a woman and a child were wounded in addition to damage inflicted by civilian property, as a result of two aerial raids waged by the Saudi-led coalition at the district of Shada.

The Saudi-led coalition has been targeting residential areas in border districts on a daily basis, whether it is by aerial raids or artillery and missile attacks for more than three years. Such indiscriminate attacks have been resulting in the death and injury of thousands of civilians, the destruction of entire villages, farms and public and private facilities.