US -backed Saudi-led coalition’s serious situation in southern Yemen




The southern areas controlled by the US backed , Saudi-led coalition are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.

A southern Yemeni activist and politician on Monday called for besieging Masheeq Palace and putting the fugitive former president Hadi’s government under house arrest in the southern port city of Aden.

The political activist Anis al-Sharaf said on a tweet,” The civil disobedience is useless in the absence of any presence of the state in the southern provinces, except by ending the sources of funding the government of Hadi.”

The vice president of the so-called “Southern Transition Council” loyal to the UAE, Hani Bin Buraik, for his part, praised the angry popular protests against the government of Hadi in Aden.

Buraik said: “Aden is rising against the corruption of the Hadi government, and most of its people can’t afford their needs.”

While ,scores of citizens opposed to the Hadi’s authorities imposed a siege on the commander of the first military region loyal to “Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar” in the city of Seiyun of Yemen’s Hadramawt province.

In addition, dozens of anti- Hadi protesters besieged the commander of the first Military zone, Saleh Mohammed Tomis, with several others of military commanders and members of the local authority, loyal to the military leader of the Islah party, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in side the governmental complex in the city.

Furthermore, a violent explosion was heard in the capital of Lahj province, whereas it was exploded in the main street of al-Hautta city.

Notably ,thousands of people in the southern provinces held mass protests ,demanding the expulsion of the coalition forces from various southern provinces of Yemen.

Protesters in Abyan province , for instance, called for the departure of the Saudi-led coalition forces, because of the destruction of Yemen and the looting of its various wealth.

Aden city, which was occupied by UK but now under the control of UAE, and the rest of the southern cities witness an insecurity situation that increased the assassinations of Imams of mosques and security and military leaderships

The province of Aden also witnesses a security fiasco that escalated with killings, looting issues , in addition to others that never happened before.

The UAE took control of Aden under the pretext of confronting the so –called “Houthis” , part of the Yemeni army forces and supported the establishment and formation of armed elements  there.

A few months ago, Emirati-backed forces were fighting and killing Saudi-backed forces in Aden. The south is moving towards outright autonomy The entrenchment of a war economy is another significant obstacle to peace.

The UAE is likely behind the killing of some 27 Islamic clerics who have been assassinated in Yemen over the past two year,the Washington Post said .

All the clerics were killed by “drive-by shootings or killed near their mosques” added the Washington Post. As a survival strategy, the clerics have either fled Aden city, or restricted working hours in the mosques.

اعلان الزكاة