Gunmen Kill a Civilian For a Traffic Violation Incident in Aden




Unidentified gunmen, wearing military suits, killed a civilian in the Sheikh Osman district of Aden on Monday after he was found guilty of a traffic violation.

Local sources in Aden said a Toyota car, type Hylux affiliated with unidentified gunmen intercepted a citizen’s car, resulting in the outraged civilian yelling at them. He was then immediately killed by one of the gunmen wearing an official military suit in the car.

The sources said that the gunmen escaped after they killed the driver of the car and left his body dumped on the ground, noting that the incident occurred in front of the cafe called Jarrah, in Sheikh Osman, Aden southern province.

In a similar context, a director of a school in Mansoura district was assassinated by unknown gunmen yesterday in the aforementioned province.

Assassinations and targeted killings have been escalating in the areas under the occupation of the UAE without identifying the perpetrators of the systematic operations.

اعلان الزكاة