West Countries Must Choose, Humanism or Trade of Arms




The French-language newspaper “Le monde-Arabe” said that the countries exporting in the West, such as France or Switzerland, must choose between humanism or the sale trade of arms.

“The hope was very short-lived” a few days after announcing the suspension of arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia, Spain retreated by handed over 400 laser-guided bombs to Riyadh, as stated by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, for what he called the maintenance of good relations between the two kingdoms,

Spain had concern over the future of a more lucrative contract, signed in July, for state-owned shipbuilder Navantia to supply warships to the Gulf kingdom.

“The Spanish government has found itself in trouble in its relations with Saudi Arabia, which will have an impact in some parts of the country, or the implementation of the contract signed by the government.

It was the 9.2 million contract which is a part of a larger trade agreement of 1.8 billion. Spain said that the risk of losing this economic opportunity may causing thousands of jobs to be lost. If some had criticism, they would talk to Mariano Rajoy, the former prime minister Who signed the contract.

Tony Fortin, director of the Obsarm Observatory with 15 other international organizations, wrote to Emmanuel Macaron, the French president, at the beginning of September, to review arms sales: France wants to follow in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to keep its place in Middle East or its influence. “

“France is afraid of losing its place if it starts to condemn Riyadh or Abu Dhabi and it fears losing all the contracts it signed with Saudi Arabia” the newspaper added .

“The game is blackmail, this makes political pressure stronger,” says Philippe Lamberts, co-leader of the Greens bloc in the European Parliament.” So, the director of Obsarm says, “how long will this continue although the serious humanitarian crisis in Yemen?”.

“Le monde” notes that the Germany government has committed itself to tightening export conditions and “putting an immediate end to arms exports to countries involved in the Yemeni war.”, as well as in Switzerland, a political coalition of several non-governmental organizations and religious representatives threatens to launch an initiative against the Federal Council, rules on arms exports to countries that were at war, and finally in France, MP Sebastian Nadot established a parliamentary commission of inquiry to control arms sales.

When we call ourselves a “country of human rights” or when the state is a sponsor of the Geneva Conventions, should not we ask about the “trade of death” in Yemen, as elsewhere? asked the newspaper.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly used the economic paper, either by threatening countries that support international resolutions condemning the war crimes against Yemeni people or by threatening to cut off funding from UN organizations, similar to waht was happened twice in which the Saudi coalition was listed in the black list of violators of children’s rights, however UN Secretary-General Ban ki Mon then received “unacceptable” pressure to pull it out otherwise Saudi regime would withdraw funding from the United Nations .

Humanitarian supply lines to Yemen must remain open “food, medicine and other essential supplies are critical for the survival of 27 million Yemenis already weakened by a war now in its fourth year.

اعلان الزكاة