Fresh death toll after Saudi airstrikes hit Saada and Hodeidah




Three citizens, including a child, were killed on Tuesday by air raids conducted by the Saudi-led coalition on residential areas in Saada and Hodeidah provinces. 

A child was killed as an air raid by the Saudi coalition hit the area of Ghafra in the district of al-Thaher.

In the province of Hodeidah, two civilians were killed in an air strike on a car carrying citizens on the road between Zabid and al-Jarahi.

Furthermore, intensive hovering of Saudi jets prevented paramedics from reaching the scene of the crime on the road between the districts of Zabid and al-Jerahi.

In a preset time, two civilians were killed and a third wounded on Sunday night as an air raid struck a poultry farm in al-Tarbiyah in the district of Zabid. In addition, six children from one family sustained wounds by shrapnel from a shell fired by Saudi/UAE-paid militias in a village located within Tuhita district in Hodeidah coastal province.

This comes in the context of the daily crimes committed by the paid-militias affiliated with the US-backed coalition against the Yemeni people on various provinces, which are only being met with the silence of the world, thereafter encouraging the coalition to commit even more humanitarian violations.

اعلان الزكاة