Yemen’s Drone “Sammad-3” Strikes Dubai International Airport, Shortly Before




Unmanned drone of the Yemeni army on Sunday waged three raids on Dubai International Airport of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a military source confirmed shortly before.

The air raids were waged on the airport, which is more than 1,200 km away from Yemen, by the army’s Sammad-3 drone, added the source.

The air traffic from and to the airport was disrupted after the drone’s attack, official sources at the airport reported.

This is the second time that Dubai, the economic capital of the UAE, targeted in response to its main participation in the war against Yemen and the commission of hundreds of crimes against civilians for nearly four years.

On August 27, the Air Force launched several drone’s raids on Dubai International Airport with the same model drone, as well as the Air Force carried out a series of raids on the Abu Dhabi International Airport on July 26.