The Real Face of UAE in Southern Yemen




The real face of the UAE is being revealed in southern Yemen daily and the southerners are increasingly convinced by the reality of this force, despite the great services they have given them, in terms of body and land. All the indicators, facts and developments of events confirm without a doubt that the US –backed Saudi-led coalition in the south is incapable of guiding the people of the South with the money that flows generously from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. Even the stick of power and the whip of arms are no longer useful with the free-loving people, who openly and blatantly declared that their presence became undesirable throughout the south. , and that popular anger ,that the coalition tried to extinguish and end with all means, is a root of a revolution whose popular circle expanded and escalated, which confused the coalition and pushed it to accuse countries and entities of being behind the rise of popular demands for its departure. Moreover ,all the components that it established throughout the previous period ,marketing for it and working for its benefit, as it was also completely unable to adapt the southern community after being a pariah and isolated in public ,mostly the Southern Transitional Council, on which Abu Dhabi relies heavily.


In terms of security, the temporary security forces, experienced by Aden city, collapsed after the bloody series which reached sheikhs and preachers .Nowadays ,the assassinations wave are back in the city of Aden , claiming more civilians as well as military and civilian leaders against the UAE project until and educational leaders and school managers. This comes in the wake of several crises suffered by the city, the most recent crisis was the crisis of oil derivative and electricity and the lack of near-total services, in addition to the high price inflation in light of the deterioration of the local currency and collapse against other currencies, which was considered by local observers as that  the UAE has deliberately adapted this insecurity to target its enemies , confirming that by mentioning  it carried out a wide campaign of arrests for those who took part in the demonstrations that took place in Aden to demand better living conditions, stop the deterioration of the Yemeni currency exchange rate and burn pictures of officials of UAE and Saudi Arabia

“The South Today” site published pictures that show a number of southern wounded who were injured during the clashes in the West Coast, while being severely beaten by officers and forces of Abu Dhabi in Aden.


Local sources described what happened to dozens of southern wounded of attacks and insulting during the organization of a protest on Sunday morning in front of the headquarters of the coalition in Brega Directorate as a humiliation crime, considering what verbal and physical violence to the wounded as a message that must reach all the people of the South to realize the seriousness of the plot run by the UAE in the south that target the men of the South.


Dozens of southern wounded who have been used by UAE due to their  living conditions to the death camps in the West Coast Front ,held  a protest in front of the building of the headquarters of the coalition in the city of Brega because of being suffered and neglected and prevented from treatment constantly by the government of the former and fugitive Yemeni president, Hadi and coalition countries.


A number of UAE officers, soldiers and groups of armed factions , loyal to UAE, beat protesters with sticks, guns and rifle butts. The wounded were severely injured and were subjected to a wave of insults and verbal abuse before arresting many of them, it added.


Despite all of that, hundreds of them continue to join the recruitment camps of the UAE, which does not differentiate between dead and alive. Like it treated the southern dead in the deserts and the shores of Hodeidah through leaving them food for dogs, it, nowadays ,attacked the southerner wounded, rewarding them through beating and insulting for their sacrifice of lives and blood for their agendas and ambitions in every inch of this great country.

اعلان الزكاة