A solidarity seminar in Germany with the people of Yemen




The organization of “I am Human” held today a joint solidarity seminar with the German Institute of Schirl with the name of “The Future of Yemen during Its Current Conditions”.

During the seminar, many issues on the tragic situation caused by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen and the international complicity with the US-backed Saudi blockade and war on Yemen were discussed.

Moreover, the seminar involved the US-backed Saudi imposed siege on Yemen and its consequences on the country’s economic and humanitarian situation.

The seminar participants also talked about targeting children in Yemen and the consequences of the Saudi-led war on the social, psychological, educational and other life’s aspects. In addition, they reviewed a part of Dhahyan crime.

The statement issued by the seminar held the international community and the United Nations responsible for the siege and crimes committed against the people of Yemen, adding that all international resolutions that do not lead to the punishment of criminals are just meaningless words.

اعلان الزكاة