Violent clashes in the center of the city of Aden ,dead and wounded fall




A number of UAE paid fighters, including two citizens, were killed and wounded on Monday in violent clashes in the southern city of Aden, run by UAE.

According to local sources for the “YemenExtra” three gunmen, including a citizen, were killed and wounded as a result of armed clashes between armed factions belonging to the forces of the United Arab Emirates in the field near the roundabout Zeko directorate crater downtown.

According to sources, another citizen was wounded, near the site of the clashes, which lasted for two hours , and was taken to a hospital in the city for treatment ,noting that the tension between them is still frantic until the completion of the writing of the news, amid panic among the citizens.

The southern cities are witnessing an overwhelming security and an unprecedented security chaos under the control of the UAE forces.

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اعلان الزكاة