Mohamed Al-Houthi Calls upon the UN to Establish a Committee of Inquiry on Coalition Crimes in Yemen




The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohamed Ali al-Houthi was disappointed with the United Nations for not forming a committee of inquiry for all of the crimes in Yemen that are being committed by the Saudi-led coalition as when it immediately did with Khashoggi case; thus, showing that the UN disregards Saudi-UAE crimes in Yemen.

In a statement issued by the Supreme Revolutionary Leader on the international treatment of the crimes of the Saudi regime against the Yemeni people and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, where he expressed his regret that the international community and the United Nations accept the unfair and non-transparent investigations that the Saudi regime claims to carry out in the massacres it is committing alongside its allies on Yemen.

“Every victim left behind by the illegal coalition raids in Yemen deserves the same attention as Khashoggi, unfortunately, however, none of the war crimes in Yemen has provoked the same international outrage as the case of the Washington Post Saudi columnist that has been broadcasted on most of the western media in the past few weeks, despite the international pressure that forced the kingdom to finally admit Khashoggi’s death. ” Mohamed al-Houthi said.

He added: ” Pressures on Saudi Arabia finally achieved results but after economic measures, political boycott and others against one crime and violation of international humanitarian law; thus, how much will Yemen need of pressures to force the Saudi-led coalition and their allies confess for their over 5,000 separate violations of international humanitarian law?”.

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary said that the international community described Khashoggi’s death as “violation of the law and defined as a crime” and called for sanctions on the perpetrators.

In this regard, he called on all countries to recognize the 5,000 violations of international humanitarian law committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition and its allies in Yemen, despite the fact that Yemen has suffered much more.

“Despite the international silence on the injustice of the Yemeni people, we welcome any effective talk about law, justice or measures that would impose sanctions on all those involved in Khashoggi’s murder, because we consider this an achievement of justice, on the other hand, condemning the international community if it will not give Justice for the Yemeni people, who are suffering from the brutality of the crimes and genocides by the Saudi-led coalition and their imposed siege for more than three and a half years, and ignoring the human tragedy that is considered to be the worst in the world. ”

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi said the recent international statements which confirmed that the war on Yemen has no way out and that it is time to end it, are considered to be positive statements.

Al-Houthi stressed that the originators of these statements must prove their desire of wanting to bring peace in Yemen by taking strict actions and stopping the bombing of Yemenis immediately without procrastination and the lifting of the embargo on the Republic of Yemen.

The head of the Supreme Revolutionary demanded the formation of international commissions of inquiry to consider all the crimes of the countries participating in a war led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen so that the Yemeni people take their rights and justice.

Saudi Arabia carried a military campaign on its neighboring country, which is considered to be an impoverished country, since March 2015, achieving nothing so far  but the killing of thousands of civilians and causing the country to reach famine, where according  to the UN, more than 14 million Yemeni, half of the population, are on the brink of famine mainly because of the Saudi siege on the country and launching a warfare against Yemen’s economy.

Lates major crimes of the Saudi-led coalition was the killing of 16 civilians by an airstrike that targeted a vegetable market, the killing of 15 civilians, including four children and injuring 23 others after a Saudi-led coalition airstrike struck two buses carrying families trying to flee the conflict in the coastal province of Hodeidah and the killing of a young woman and injuring seven others, including six children, as Saudi mercenaries ground shelling took place.

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