Saudi committed crimes in Yemen on Dec. 16, 2018




The US-backed Saudi-led coalition in Yemen continued its bombardment on various Yemeni provinces and regions, leaving two children killed along with injuring their father in al-Bayda and injuring a civilian in Hodeidah while damaging property.

In al-Bayda, a source reported the death of two children and the injury of their father after the coalition bombed their truck by two air raids in the area of Huriah within the district of the Sawadiyah. In Hodeidah, a civilian was injured as the Saudi-led coalition shelled the homes of citizens in Durayhmi district.

Militias who follow the coalition grounded shelled citizens’ farms in the al-Jahah area. Moreover, the forces of the coalition targeted the district of Duyrayhmi with more than 50 artillery shells and 7air raids, while it launched two raids north of the al-Issy city.

In Saada, the Saudi-led warplanes raided the area of Hijjlah in the Razih bordering district, while villages in the same district were subjected to artillery and rocket shelling.

In Dhamar, the Saudi-led coalition conducted two air raids on al-Hiql at the district of Douran Anas. In al-Jawf province, four raids were carried out on the Rahoub area of Birt al-Anan district.