Saudi-led coalition continues to violate the cease-fire in Hodeidah




The Saudi-led coalition continued to violate the cease-fire in the province of Hodeidah on Saturday morning.

The forces of the US-backed coalition shelled the village of Sheikh and the surrounding area in Kilo 16 using dozens of missiles, while the bombing of Saudi-paid militias exceeded 30 artillery shells south and west of Tahita, a security source reported.

The source added that the forces of the Saudi-led coalition bombarded more than 30 mortar shells north of the province of Hiss, and also bombed with medium weapons 50th St. in Hali district.

The spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, said yesterday evening that the Saudi-paid militias continued their violations of the ceasefire in Hodeidah during the past 24 hours with 214 violations in conjunction with heavy hovering of its aircraft in Hodiedah and its various districts.