Who makes the Saudi-led coalition bleed in Yemen!




The Yemeni army inflicted the Saudi-led coalition,backed by the US, and its paid fighters in various fronts over the past 24 hours, heavy losses in many battlefronts, the Military Media said on Thursday.

The Yemeni army forces pounded the coalition and its paid fighters in various fronts over the past 24 hours, inflicting heavy causalities.

Their drone in cooperation with an artillery unit waged an attack against gatherings of the Saudi soldiers and its paid fighters in Qais and MBC mountains, leaving heavy losses in Jizan.

They foiled an the coalition-backed warplanes attack by the paid fighters towards Shaja site and al-Buqa desert, killing and wounding a number of the paid fighters,and fired artillery at Saudi military groups in sites of Raqabat al-Mashquq, al-Manar and al-Sawah area of Najran, hitting the target directly.

They hit gatherings of the paid fighters in al-Rabuah area and Alb crossing in Asir.

They repulsed an offensive of the paid fighters towards Osayfarah and al-Shaqab areas, killing and wounding dozens of the paid fighters in Taiz.

A number of the paid fighters were killed and injured when they repelled an assault in Hawmarh area in Lahj.

They targeted groups of the paid fighters in sites of al-Nar mountain and destroyed a military vehicle carrying a number of the Sudanese soldiers in Medi and Haradh districts,Hajjah.

A spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, said, on Wednesday, that 8 fishermen were killed and 5 others wounded, in addition to two missing persons, who were targeted by the aerial of the coalition in Badhia island in Hodeidah.

Brigadier General Sare’e confirmed that the coalition’s air force targeted the fishermen in Badhia island in an air raid on Tuesday night, adding that the rescue teams recovered the bodies of 8 citizens so far, while there are still two missing. The rescue teams were unable to continue searching for them as a result of the intense and continuous flying of the coalition jets.