Al-Houthi: British Foreign Secretary Couldn’t to Stay in Aden for One Hour Without Wearing a “Bulletproof Vest”




The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has commented on British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s remarks about the Stockholm agreement and his appearance while he wearing a bulletproof vest during his visit to Aden province.

“The Yemeni person, whose steadfastness has gone beyond that of the First World war in terms of courage and fortitude, is still strong and steadfast, and the people know very well the destructive project of aggression and its tools which did not allow Jeremy to stay in Aden for just one hour without a bulletproof bullet,” al-Houthi wrote on his in Twitter account on Monday.

He said that the British Foreign Secretary “is driving the failure of the Stockholm accord these days into a repetition of the Battle of Hodeidah.”

The implementation of the first phase of the ISAF redeployment plan was supposed to begin on Monday, but the move was delayed after the United Nations military official tasked to monitoring the redeployment, Michael Lolisgaard, held more meetings first.

In this context, the spokesman of Salvation government and Minister of Information Deifallah Al-Shami announced that the visit and statements of British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt from Aden confirm the role played by his country in the occupation of Yemen.

Al-shami said that after the direct normalization, which announced in Warsaw, the practical steps to restore the role of the British hidden for the occupation of Yemen will begin.

It is noteworthy that Britain stood behind the empowerment of the Jewish gangs to occupy of Palestine in 1948 in fulfillment of its dirty promise known as the Balfour Declaration, and occupied southern Yemen for more than 100 years before being expelled by the Yemeni people in the October Revolution, which was launched in 1963.