Yemeni People Need to End this Bloody War




A survey shows that a war and an economic collapse in Yemen have made 16 million people, or 53 percent of the population, facing severe food insecurity”, and warns of famine if actions are not be taken.

Humanitarian organizations say that the peace is the only way to end the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

According to the report, the war is the main cause of the humanitarian crisis that causes the increasing of food prices, the liquidity crisis, the disruption of livelihoods, and the highest levels of unemployment.

Food aid is not enough to bridge the gap, the report said. The survey was conducted by the Yemeni officials and international experts that use the international IPC system.

The system uses a five-point measure, in which the third level refers to “crisis”, fourth to “emergency” and fifth to “disaster” and potential famine.

The survey shows massive pockets of extreme hunger throughout Yemen, concentrated in areas where fighting is active and affecting in particular three million displaced people, and families were hosted by other relatives, foreign workers and other marginalized groups.

This war has made three-quarters of the population in need of humanitarian assistance and pushed the country to the brink of famine, while the United Nations has considered the crisis facing the Arab country as the worst in the world.

The Unjust siege, the continuous bombardment, the stifling crisis and all that caused by the war waged by Saudi-led coalition against Yemen in general and Hodeidah province in particular, have created a tragic environment for malnourished children, which has affected Yemeni children in the first place and the society as whole in all its categories.