April 6: Saudi American War Crimes in Yemen




The US-backed Saudi-led coalition on Yemen continued on Saturday, along with its mercenaries, to launch air raids on a number of provinces, leading to material damage to public and private property. The Saudi-led coalition also continued to violate the cease-fire agreement regarding the coastal province of Hodeida.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudi-American warplanes conducted a raid on the bordering district of Baqem.

Sperate areas within the bordering districts of Baqam and Razah were exposed to heavy rocket and artillery fire, which caused considerable damage to homes and property.

In the Yemeni western province of Hodeidah, Saudi/UAE paid-militias fired 12 artillery shells and machine-gunned farms and property belonging to citizens in the Tuhita district.

Moreover, the atmosphere of the Hodeidah city witnessed a low and intensive flight of Saudi fighter jets and espionage drones.

In Hajjah governorate, the Saudi-led coalition carried out a raid on the district of Mustbaa.