US-Saudi Aggression’s Daily Update for Friday, April 12th, 2019




The Saudi-led coalition continues, on Friday, to launch raids in several governorates, killing a number of civilians and damaging private and public properties.

In Hodeidah, a child was critically injured with a shell of the US-Saudi mercenaries in Attohayta district. US-Saudi mercenaries targeted with machine gun and artillery shells several areas of July-7 residential area. US-Saudi mercenaries targeted with 12 artillery shells Al-Faza area in Attohayta district and targeted with 45 shells Kilo 16.

In Dhammar, two children were killed and two others were injured with a cluster bomb of the US-Saudi remnants in Anes. In Al-Dhale’e, two civilians were killed with a shell of the US-Saudi mercenaries in Al-Naderah. In Sana’a, US-Saudi aggression launched a raid on Bani-Matar district.

In Sa’ada, Saudi missiles and artillery shells targeted populated villages in Munabbih border district, damaging civilians’ houses and properties.