International Crisis Group Call on US to help Saudi Arabia break out of its losing war on Yemen




The International Crisis Group has called on the United States to help Saudi Arabia break out of the Yemen war and suspend arms exports until its ongoing military intervention has stopped there since 2015.

In a report released on Sunday, a month after the US Congress ratified the decision to stop Washington support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, the group said the coalition should stop thinking about a victory on paper in Yemen.

“The Saudis need to end the war, but they don’t know how to do it,” President and CEO of the International Crisis Group, Robert Malley said.

“The Saudis still believe that greater military pressure on the Houthis will lead them to collapse, which will end the war and defeat Iran,” he added.

He stressed that this theory and the faltering of the Saudi war over the past four years refute this.

The report quoted Democratic Senator Chris Murphy as stressing that “the battle against the Houthis could not be resolved militarily.”

According to the report, Murphy confirmed that “the Houthis will have a significant and important role in Yemen’s future governance, so the issue is about deciding how the Saudis will coexist in a way that does not threaten their long-term security interests.”