South Yemen the scene of high tension




The Yemeni Air Force carried out a successful aerial attack on the Saudi-led coalition’s , backed by the US, main headquarters in Aden, a Qasef-K2 Drone attacked the headquarters of the coalition-backed militants in Burika district, the attack hit its target precisely, causing direct injuries.

The Qasef-K2 drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that explodes at a height of 10 meters above the target, causing a wide spreading of shrapnel fragments with a diameter of 80 meters.

Fierce clashes erupted on Wednesday between paid fighters in the third straight day in Yemen’s city of Aden, residents said.The clashed happened between paid fighters of al-Sailah and al-Maharaiq in line of ignoring Saudi-UAE coalition-backed local authorities.

The assailants used medium and heavy weapons, showing rise of smoke at a sky of al-Shiekh Othman district.

Assassinations and security disorder have been ramping in Aden since United Arab Emirates forces , main part of the coalition, took over the city.

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