Coalition’s forces’ escalation in Hodeidah reveals their desire for continued war




The head of the national delegation Mohamed Abdel Salam said that the escalation of the aggression countries and their mercenaries in Hodeidah after the implementation of the most important thing concerning the agreement of Sweden, ports and control, reveal the truth of those wishing to continue aggression.

Abdel Salam said at his Twitter account on Tuesday, “The more we refute their pretexts and nullify their arguments, they seek to mislead and deceive and try to blow up the situation as is currently happening from increasing violations. “

In this context deputy chief of Staff, Major General Ali Hamoud Al-Mushaki, said that the Coast Guard forces have took over the ports of Hodeidah from the Army and Popular Committees and is concerned solely with protecting it. Major General Al-Moshaki said in a statement to Almasirah TV that “the presence of forces of aggression on the coast of Hodeidah and its attempt to attack the city of Hodeidah during the past few years prompted the government to send troops to the city to protect the ports.”

He pointed out that the Coast Guard forces are a regular, trained and competent force in this work of securing the ports of Hodeidah and the coastal strip. The first phase of redeployment in the ports of Hodeidah ended Moday afternoon. The head of the UNSCOM team praised the National Team of the Joint Commission to facilitate the completion of the redeployment phase.

More than 7,000 people are trapped in the district of Durihemi as their suffering expands tragically while the hypocritical world responds with its absent conscience, whereas the Saudi/UAE-led coalition, under the cover of the United Nations, continue to impose the siege on the suffocating city of Durihemi in Hodeidah province for about 9 months.

The impoased siege prevented the entry of tens of thousands of basic life components such as food and medicine, which resulted in the death of five women and an elderly man after their health deteriorated due to the lack of medicines and foodstuffs that were prevented entry by the Saudi-led coalition. Dozens of patients from the city of Durihemi were unable to reach the nearest medical facilities outside the besieged city, due to the continued Saudi/UAE targeting of traffic to and from the city traffic.

Nearly ten months have passed since the humanitarian disaster engulfed the besieged city of Duraihemi in Hodeidah, which turned into a large prison because of the unjust inhuman blockade and the closure of its rivals by the forces of the Saudi-led coalition and their mercenaries amidst a shameful international silence.

The forces of the Saudi-led coalition have pervented the entry of convoys and humanitarian aid to the people in the city of Durahmi.