3 Million Yemeni Disabled Threatened with Death, Increasing Problems




President of the Arab Bureau for Persons with Disabilities: 3 million disabled people in Yemen are threatened with death and aggravated problems.

The war on Yemen will result in great disabilities and problems in the future, said the head of the Executive Office of the Arab Region for Persons with Disabilities and the Director General of the Special Needs in the Municipality of the capital.

Abdullah Bonyan confirmed that the proportion of the disabled in Yemen, according to a study prepared by the Regional Office for People with Disabilities, represents 13.5% of the population, about 3 million disabled. Their suffering doubled during the last four years, because of the siege and aggression on Yemen.

“The war led to the death of many disabled people and increased the suffering of thousands of them due to lack of medicines, the low level of health services and the deterioration of the living conditions of the disabled,” YPA quoted Bonyan saying.

He pointed out that cluster bombs and war remnants of mines and missiles contribute to the addition of hundreds of citizens victims to the disabled, calling on all the people of Yemen to be more steadfast and cohesive in a way that preserves the security and stability of the homeland.