Human Rights Minister: Dire Crisis Calls for Rapid Intervention at all Levels




Minister of Human Rights, Alia Faisal Abdulatif, said that the successive crises in Yemen have increased the statistics of patients and their continuous suffering, which requires a modern and accurate statistics on which to intervene in the health sector and meet the needs at all levels.
Minister of Human Rights, ICRC Protection Coordinator Avril met with her deputy and Red Cross legal advisor Mohammed Al-Nuzili. They discussed the importance of protection projects and the current health situation.
In turn, the coordinator of the protection section of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) promised to raise the issues raised at the meeting to ICRC officials to take the necessary measures and implement interventions in accordance with the standards of the ICRC.
During the meeting, they discussed issues related to the humanitarian aspect, most notably the detention of oil derivatives ships by the Saudi-led coalition.

In the meeting, they pointed out the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster suffered by the Yemeni people due to the detention of oil and food vessels, and the worsening health situation in hospitals and health centers due to the lack of diesel in the presence of critical humanitarian cases in intensive care.
They also discussed aspects related to the continuation of the ban on Sanaa International Airport and the violations and crimes committed by the aggression coalition against the Yemeni people for nearly five years.
In the meeting, they reviewed the protection programs and projects, the humanitarian interventions of the Red Cross and international organizations and the possibility of expanding these interventions in the humanitarian aspects in the current stage.