Southern Yemen burns as reinforcements go on




UAE ,Saudi Arbia are escalating day by day militarily in the south, and the allegations of its withdrawal from Yemen are proved to be a lie of the year. Abu Dhabi is launching a fierce war indirectly in Yemen, fighting the south under the pretext of fighting Islah party. It also fights in the north under the name of the Houthis and works to establish different military bases under the justification of fighting terrorism with the support of US and British.

As part of exchange roles between Saudi Arabia and the UAE to control Aden, new Saudi military reinforcements arrived to Aden on Monday.

Military sources said that Saudi reinforcements, including 40 armored vehicles and various military equipment, arrived at the coalition headquarters in Brugaiqah.

Two batches of Saudi military forces have arrived by a ship to the port of city, carrying hundreds of Saudi soldiers, officers and dozens of armored vehicles.

The Saudi troops deployed at Aden International Airport, the port of Aden, and the Presidential Palace.

UAE proposals ,in October, delayed the signing of the “Jeddah Agreement” between the hotel government and the so-called Transitional Council of the UAE after the parties were about to sign in full.

Political sources said that the signing of the agreement was thwarted by Emirati proposals on the draft submitted by Saudi Arabia, to retain some influence and impose some restrictions on some names.

Observers believe that the deployment of Saudi forces in Aden is a clear indication of the transformation of the Jeddah dialogue, and would remove the decision in the city, the Emiratis, who were the first word. But the UAE is trying to compensate for this by “its share in the hotel government”.

In the time that Abu Dhabi leaks sporadic news of its intention to abandon the Southern Transitional Council, its affiliated local arm , it works to provide political and military support to the Council without stopping. According to the UAE interests in the south represented by the ports of Aden, Socotra and southern ports , the UAE realizes that these interests can not be achieved without the Southern Transitional council that dreams to gain power and formal governance in the south, so it works to provide substantial support to the Council, which can not remain for days or months in the south without funds from Abu Dhabi and military reinforcements from princes of UAE.

During the past period, after the UAE stood behind the fall of Aden under the control of Hadi’s formal government, the Transitional Council was reinforced by hundreds of armored vehicles and various modern military vehicles. According to sources in the port of Aden, about 100 Emirati armored vehicles arrived today in the port of Aden in support of the United Arab Emirates.

In the same month, a huge military reinforcements of Hadi’s government arrived in the city of Aden. The sources pointed out that the various military reinforcements through Aden International Airport, headed towards the palace of Maasheq, the headquarters of the government of President “Hadi” and the brigades of presidential protection in the district of Kreiter.

These reinforcements came two days after the arrival of the UAE military reinforcements to the forces loyal to them in Aden and a number of southern provinces, and the importance of the mutual reinforcements that came after tension between the two sides in Aden and the outbreak of confrontations between forces loyal to Hadi and another to the UAE in Shabwa and Scotty and continuing tension in Aden and Hadramout.

In March 2015, the US -backed –Saudi-led coalition started  a war against Yemen with the declared aim of crushing the Houthi Ansarullah movement, who had taken over from the staunch Riyadh ally and fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, while also seeking to secure the Saudi border with its southern neighbor. Three years and over 600,000 dead and injured Yemeni people and  prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country, the war has yielded little to that effect.

Despite the coalition claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi bombers are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

More than 2,200 others have died of cholera, and the crisis has triggered what the United Nations has described as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

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