Al-Mashat directs to harness all the country’s potential to confront Corona.


Al-Mashat directs the
head of the Supreme Political Council directed all the state’s health, security and military capabilities to spare Yemen the dangers of the global pandemic.
The Council ، directed the government to exempt all services related to preparations that related to facing this epidemic and to provide all possible services to the people of the southern and eastern governorates under the control of the Arab Alliance and the government of Aden
. Besides, the political council urged to “take advantage of the expertise and experiences of other countries that have encountered the virus from all precautionary measures to avoid the arrival of the virus”.

He called, citizens to “be at the level of responsibility and full responses, as well as taking it for personal safety and public safety.”
The Council convict “the measures recently taken by the KSA to open many outlets and deport the Yemenis collectively under various admiration, especially after it announced the existence of cases of corona infection among some of its citizens and residents.”
on the other hand, stressed, “the need for coordination and communication to prepare homes, hotels and appropriate places and provide the necessary equipment for the quarantine imposed on those coming from outside Yemen, taking into account the conditions of families and families in quarantine and providing special conditions and services for them.”
While the World Health Organization confirms, Yemen is free of any cases of the virus