Ministry Of Health – Sana’a Government: Six Suspected Coronavirus Artery Cases Were Examined


Ministry of Health – Sana’a government: Six suspected coronavirus artery cases were examined, confirming that there was no (negative) interaction with the virus.

The Ministry of Public Health and Population of the Sana’a government confirmed with JTC to prepare for a response to the Coronavirus, then it was ensured that no cases of the virus were recorded in Yemen.

JTC’ spokesman Dr. Abdul Hakim Al-Kahlani said, “During the past two days, cases have been examined for six suspects in the governorates of Sana’a, Al-Bayda, Ibb, and Saada, they have not to be recorded any infection with coronavirus.

He confirmed that the decisions and procedures which taken by the Government are procedure of precaution for preventing this epidemic.

He called on everyone to increase awareness, nationalism and responding to the decisions of the Higher Ministerial Committee to Combat Epidemics.