A Rebellion In Hadi’s Legitimacy, and The Indictment Of The First Man In His Government Conspiring To Overthrow Him By Copartnership With An Ambassador.


A rebellion in Hadi’s legitimacy, and The indictment of the first man in his government conspiring to overthrow him by copartnership with an ambassador.
A source off President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi, who is subject to the long, compulsory length in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, accused the head of the “legitimate” government, Moeen Abdulmalik, of financing a media campaign against Hadi and his two sons, Nasser and Jalal.

And the Yemeni News portal website conveys a source close to Hadi in Riyadh saying that Moein Abdul Malik launches a campaign and funds it in the media against him and his two sons with the support of the Saudi’s ambassador, Muhammad Al Jaber, where the source indicated that Abdul Malik supported a group of journalists to launch a media campaign against President him and his two sons, Adding that Abdul-Malik is passing to this group documents through its revealing the corruption of him and his family, and demanding his dismissal and the restructuring of the “legitimate” authority.

The site conveys his sources as saying that Abdul-Malik “spends 100 thousand dollars a month through his advisor, obedient Dammaj, companies, and media workers who work to polish him and attack Hadi and his sons.”

The mentioned site The escalation of the dispute between Hadi and his sons on the one hand and Moeen and the Saudi ambassador, on the other hand, came after that to a certain side.