The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemned the Resumption of arms sales and exports by the Arab coalition countries


Yesterday,The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the resumption of arms sales and exports by the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, after they stopped due to serious violations of international law and human rights committed in Yemen.

In a statement, the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret over these decisions, which came under the pretext of facing the economic conditions these countries are going through as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, which showed the falsehood of these countries. Calls. For peace and stop the war on Yemen.
Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicted that this unfortunate step came from countries that have historical relations with Yemen and have balanced positions towards the aggression imposed on Yemen for the sixth year in a row.

The ministry called on these countries to reconsider these decisions that contradict international values, standards, covenants and efforts to bring peace in Yemen, and will cast negative shadows on the interests of those countries and the relations that link them with Yemen and its people, and does not mention that it will expose them to accountability as a partner in killing the Yemeni people and destroying their capabilities.

Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that facing the economic conditions caused by the spread of the Corona virus is not by selling weapons to countries that commit war crimes and crimes against humanity against Yemen on the ground and human beings, but rather by uniting the efforts of the international community to:: stop wars in the world and cooperate to contain the epidemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called on parliaments, human rights organizations and activists in those countries to acting and putting pressure on their governments to refrain from resuming arms sales to the countries of aggression.