China Denies Concealing the Outbreak of Corona and Calls on Washington to Stop Bullying



The Chinese ambassador in London said today, Thursday, that his country has been quite open about the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, which causes the disease (COVID-19).

Therefore, the United States should stop bullying in a manner reminiscent of European colonial wars in the nineteenth century, the Chinese ambassador stated.

I heard many of these speculations, this misleading information about China’s reticence, about China hiding something – this is not true,” Ambassador Liu Qiaoming added.

“The Chinese government has dealt with transparency and was very fast in sharing the data,” he continued.

“Some other countries – some local courts have sued China – this is strange,” he said. “Some people, some politicians want to play the role of the world’s policeman, this is not the time of coercive diplomacy, this is not the time when China was semi-occupied and semi-feudal.”

“These people are still living in the past,” he said. “They think they can bully China … China is not an enemy of the United States. If they consider China an enemy, they are aiming at the wrong target.”