Palestinian Prisoner Infected with COVID-19 in Zionist Prisons



In a press statement, the head of the Liberated and Imprisoned Palestinian  Affairs Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, announced that a prisoner, Mohammed Majed Hassan, 21, had been infected with Coronavirus inside the Zionist “Al-Maskubiya” prison, two days after his arrest.

Abu Bakr stated that the prison’s authority informed him about the diagnosis of the prisoner’s condition with Coronavirus. He added that the prisoner is a resident of Ramallah and a student at Birzeit University. He was reportedly arrested on Wednesday by the forces of the enemy.

The Zionist prison’s authority admitted, Friday, that Mohammad Majid Hussein was infected with COVID-19 while he was under investigation in occupied Al-Quds.

Palestinian detainees complain of deliberate medical negligence by the Zionist prison authorities and the failure to provide necessary supplies for COVID-19 prevention.

The Zionist authorities have more than five thousand Palestinians in their prisons.