The Pledging Conference Revealed Countries of Aggression as “Beggars” Alleging Yemen’s Support: Abdel Salam



The head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam, considered that the pledging conference hosted by Saudi Arabia revealed the countries of aggression as beggars claiming Yemen’s support.

“With the Aggression and the siege(on Yemen), the forces of the aggression are morally and politically bankrupted before anything else,” Abdel Salam said in a tweet on his “Twitter” account.

The head of the national delegation deplored the hypocrisy of the assumed donors for participating in such conference that was hosted by Saudi Arabia, saying: “The supposed donors should not have drifted behind the propaganda of criminals.”

Abdel Salam pointed out that helping Yemen can be established through lifting the siege and ending the aggression, saying, “And we say to any country that wants to help Yemen: support Yemen by lifting the siege and working to halt the aggression.”

Last Monday, the head of the national delegation described, in a tweet that the organization of a pledging conference is an escape from the problem and ridiculous attempts by the criminal to beautify its hideous face.