UN Contradictions Exacerbate the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen



The international community, represented by the United Nations international organizations, continues to contradict the Yemeni crisis that was originally resulted by an aggressive war waged by a coalition launched by Saudi Arabia and the UAE with other countries and also from the continued blockade imposed against the people of Yemen.

The United Nations has pledged more than once to open a medical air bridge from Sana’a International Airport to transport tens of thousands of sick patients abroad for treatment.

The United Nations had previously announced that a medical bridge would be launched from Sanaa airport to transfer sick patients suffering from incurable diseases who require a quick treatment abroad, but it soon retracted from fulfilling this matter on the pretext of the refusal of the Saudi-led coalition to do so. Few months ago, the UN requested the patients to travel or stay in the capital, Sanaa, to complete the travel procedures. Hopes were raised, but the patients were surprised by the inhumane mechanism that the United Nations relied on for transporting patients.

The medical bridge was limited to one trip a week, with an irregular flying schedule. Each flight merely carried a small number of patients. However, this did not take long, as the UN halted the medical bridge, leaving Sanaa airport open only for the employees of the United Nations.

Last Friday evening, the United Nations sent a special plane to transport a member of the international organization in Yemen, after he was exposed to a health problem; thus, this reveals the carelessness of the UN in its duties in ” helping” Yemenis.

The special plane was sent to transport the driver of Lisa Grande, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Salem Muhammad Al-Sheikh, after he was infected with the coronavirus, while thousands of Yemenis with chronic diseases still wait for any hope that can make them travel abroad for treatment.

The Lie of the medical bridge

Many people now wonder if the United Nations is really providing humanitarian assistance to Yemen, or merely sharing propaganda to hide its negative role in Yemen. What the UN is telling the world is exaggerated and describing it in a positive way, although there are no positive aspects in its positions and activities.

It is worth mentioning that there was an agreement between the United Nations and the national delegation stipulated that the Royal Flight of Oman to take patients for treatment abroad, to ensure that the largest number of them can be transported in a fast pace due to their health conditions, the United Nations violated the agreement.

The lies of the United Nations did not stop at the medical bridge, as they were preceded by a series of lies that evaporated in the air and did not assist the Yemeni people who have not expressed any change in their lives.

Other claims by the UN were its commitment to pay the salaries of employees, fulfilling its pledges towards the Swedish agreement regarding Hodeidah and the siege of al-Durayhimi district, the Saudi and Emirati occupation of some governorates, cities and islands of Yemen, supporting the Yemeni unity, and what it calls fighting terrorism, and introducing relief aid to those affected by the aggression, and other obligations and pledges that it made on itself and declared commitment to, then retracted and repudiated them under the influence of American pressures and Saudi temptations, Which always drives them to change their positions and renounce their pledges.