19 Detained Yemeni Fishermen by Eritrean and Emirati Forces Arrive Yemen’s Port



19 Yemeni fishermen arrived today to the fishing port of Hodeidah after they were detained by Eritrean and Emirati forces, 35 miles away from international waters.

The General Authority of Fisheries in the Red Sea indicated that the fishermen were arrested by Eritrean and Emirati forces after cordoning their boats and threatening them with arms, adding that one of the boats were seized along with what was on it before they were allowed to return on the other boat in a deplorable condition.

Meanwhile, a source from the authority confirmed that fishermen are exposed almost daily to assaults by boats and battleships of the Saudi-Emirati- aggression that are found all along the coasts of the Red Sea sector. These attacks result in kidnappings, arrests, torture, and injuries among the fishermen, in addition to causing material damage to their boats, fishing equipment, and confiscating them.

The source pointed out that the continuous attacks against the Yemeni fishermen in the territorial waters represent an economic war on a large segment of the people of Hodeidah people who depend on fishing as a source of livelihood, and it is considered one of the war crimes that must be punished by international laws.