YMU Condemns Saudi Blockade of Fuel Tankers Going to Yemen



The Yemeni Media Union today, condemned the Saudi aggression’s detention of oil tankers, the tightening of the blockade, and the worsening of economic conditions.

The Union pointed out in a statement that these arbitrary measures taken by the aggression coalition led to double the suffering of the Yemeni people at a time the world is uniting in facing the Corona pandemic, providing health care requirements and saving the infected.

The Union stressed that the continued detention of tankers carrying oil derivatives and preventing them from unloading the oil in the ports of Hodeidah reveals aggressive brutality targeting civilians’ daily life needs, including institutions and service sectors and media sectors, saying it has negatively affected institutions and workers.

The statement called on the international community to pay attention to the humanitarian side in Yemen, and strive to lift the blockade, stop the aggression, and allow the flow of commercial shipments and humanitarian aid, especially medicines, including those related in particular in fighting off the Coronavirus.