Fuel Crisis in Yemen, Another Crime of the Saudi Aggression Against Yemenis



The Yemeni Petroleum Company held the international community the full responsibility of a humanitarian catastrophe within sight as a result of the stop of vital service sectors. The new coming crisis to Yemen is a result of the Saudi-led blockade on oil tankers as the company’s stock reaching a critical stage.

People of Yemen stress of International collusion with the Saudi-led aggression, as Yemen, reaches an exacerbated situation and creating a stifling fuel crisis that has affected all aspects of life, and directly affected the lives of civilians and their daily livelihoods, which is a crime that amounts to the crimes against humanity.

There is no doubt that the United Nations bears full responsibility for this fuel crisis, because of its suspicious silence and neglecting behavior on the inhumane practices of the so-called Saudi-led Coalition, in particular, preventing oil derivative tankers from entering the country, despite them obtaining all the legal documents and permits.

The fuel crisis increased the suffering of more than 70 percent of the population within the country, for the fourth consecutive week. Therefore, it surely proves the aims of Saudi aggression, which are to starve, insult the Yemenis, and create a fuel crisis that exceeds all expectations to stop living a normal life. The Saudi-made crisis has resulted in high prices of foodstuffs and medicine, while many families suffer from threatening diseases due to their inability to pay the prices of basic products and medicines.

Estimates indicate that more than 350 factories and laboratories have stopped due to the fuel crisis, and more than about a million citizens have lost their jobs and their livelihood because of this. As all of this is happening, the international community and the world are watching; thus, revealing a moral collapse at the international level. A large number of countries have let go of its principles and morals in exchange for arms deals with both countries leading the aggression coalition, which are Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The fuel crisis has spread to all aspects of life in the country, such as production factories and laboratories. As for hospitals, health centers, transportation, communications, and other vital sectors, their services are nearly stopping. Yemenis ask: ” Is the international community that claims “to fight for humanity’ satisfied with this?

اعلان الزكاة