Saudi Airstrike on a Wedding Party Kills at Least 25 in Yemen (Photos)



Local sources in Al-Jawf province reported that over 25 civilians were killed and many others wounded after a Saudi raid targeted a village wedding party in the Al-Masafa area within the Al-Hazm district.

The sources noted that the crime was committed by the Saudi-led fighter jets that targeted a house hosting a wedding party merely for women and children in the home of Mabkhout Marzouq Maree in Al-Masafa area.

Marib Hospital received more than 16 dead bodies of women and children who were at the wedding and a number of wounded people, while Al-Hazm Hospital received 8 dead bodies and many wounded, the sources added.

It is worth noting that Last Sunday, July 12, the US-backed Saudi aggression committed a massacre in the district of Washah in Hajjah Governorate (northern Yemen), which resulted in the killing of 9 civilians, who were all women and children, and two wounded children, after targeting the house of Nayef Majali.

The Saudi crimes and massacres against Yemeni children and women come after a few weeks of the removal of the Saudi kingdom from the children killers blacklist by the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

For over five years, the Yemeni people are being subjected to almost daily crimes and massacres by the Saudi-led coalition of aggression and its paid mercenaries on the ground, while the world, the United Nations, and humanitarian organizations keep watching in silence.