How the Hodeidah Sea Port in Yemen Used to Be Before the Saudi Siege



The vice president of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, Engineer Yahya Sharaf al-Deen, confirmed that the port of Hodeidah used to receive 320 thousand containers that were handled between 2013 and 2014, before the Saudi aggression on Yemen, and since November 2017, no container ship has arrived.

Engineer Sharaf al-Deen explained to a source reported to YemenExtra on Monday, that the containers that are currently entering the port of Hodeidah belong to the World Food Program, carrying oils and foods, and their number is very few, with restricted powers from the aggression coalition.

He added that the Saudi-led aggression (coalition) no longer allows the entry of any imports, except for a few materials to the port of Hodeidah, after being subjected to obstruction by the aggression, as is the case with oil derivatives tankers.