Aug.16: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



The US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) continued to launch airstrikes against Yemen, this time targeting the capital, Sanaa, and several Yemeni governorates, where more than 68 raids were conducted during the past 24 hours. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggression keeps violating the ceasefire agreement.

A military source told the Saudi warplanes carried out 68 airstrikes during the past 24 hours, most of them targeted Marib province.

The airstrikes also targeted other areas in Yemen, which were:

Hajjah: 3 raids were carried out in the Al-Mazrak area, Haradh District

Hodeidah: 5 raids on an oil factory in Al-Arj, district of Bajil.

Sana’a Governorate: 5 raids on the Beit Saadan area in the Bani Al-Hareth district.

Amran: 9 raids on the Sufyan area in Amran governorate

Al-Jawf: A raid on Khub-Al-Sha`af and 3 raids on Al-Maraziq area.

In Al-Bayda, two raids were launched by the Saudi-led warplanes, one of them on the Natih area.

Moreover, in Hodeidah, a source affiliated with the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room reported that 146 violations were recorded and committed by the UAE-Saudi forces during the past 24 hours, including 5 aerial raids on the Al-Arj area near Al-Salif.

The source added that among the violations of the Saudi aggression is the hovering of a warplane in the airspace of Haiss and 8 spy drones in the airspace of Al-Jah, Al-Jabaliya, and the city of Hodeidah.

Additionally, 15 violations were conducted by artillery shelling and 121 violations with different kinds of weapons.