Most Vital Sectors Are Only Supplied With 12% of Its Oil Needs: Oil Company Director



The Executive Director of the Oil Company, Eng. Ammar Al-Adrai, confirmed today, Monday, that the company cannot cover the most vital sectors with more than 12% of its oil need.

“A ship located in the port of Nashima in Shabwa, which is under the control of the Saudi aggression forces, is loading 950,000 barrels of crude oil that is worth 35 billion Yemeni riyals, or $50 million dollars,” A;-Adrai explained to the Al-Masirah Arabic Channel.

In addition, the Executive Director of the Yemeni Oil Company was briefed on the arrangements for the emergency plan at the company’s branch in Hodeidah Governorate.

Al-Adrai, along with the director of the company’s branch in Hodeidah, Osama al-Khatib, was acquainted with the level of technical readiness in the storage facilities and the periodic maintenance work for those facilities and the necessary needs.

The company’s executive director praised the efforts of the technical cadres and workers in the company’s branch facilities. He urged them to redouble efforts in a way that would contribute to improving the level of performance, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances the country is going through as a result of aggression and blockade.