Recently Released Video Shows Yemen’s Army Liberation of Al-Khanjar Base



Today, Friday, the military media distributed scenes of the operation that took over the strategic military camp “Al-Khanjar camp and its surrounding areas in Al-Jawf governorate, after the defeat of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression mercenaries. The Yemeni army gained ammunition, weapons and military armored vehicles throughout the operational range of the military operation.

The liberation operations of the military bases of the mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi-American aggression are still in progress, the latest of which with the Khanjar located in Khub Wa sha`af district in Al-Jawf governorate.

The operation began by attacking the fortifications
of the mercenaries and their positions, which led to their massive escape from the base, which is mercenaries’ habit in the field of confrontation. Their fleeing towards the desert barefoot was documented in the video, leaving behind them large quantities of light and medium weapons, and other military equipment scattered throughout the base.

It is worth noting that the operation advanced further than the Al-Khanjar camp, including the surrounding villages, which are the Bir-Aziz village, which was used for mercenaries gatherings and using civilians as shields.

Though its air force, the Saudi aggression carried out airstrikes in an attempt to foil the operation and support its mercenaries by making them re-position and stop the advancement of the army into further areas. However, it did not stop the Yemeni army from completing its operation to its potential.